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Help us make Giving Hearts Day 2019 a #OneMillionDollarDay!  You can give homeless men a chance at real change. All donations will go to our Real Change Capital Campaign that is not only renovating our building and programs but is most importantly helping men restore their lives.

Together we will finish physical changes to our building that will help us feed more people (those staying with us as well as those from the community) and shelter more people.
When you give today, you will help remove mobility barriers and increase opportunity for medical care, peer-to-peer accountability, and recovery. Your generosity and kindness will help equip our guests with the tools necessary to become and stay independent for a lifetime.
#RealChange #MillionDollarDay

Join us for live events at NLC during our
"Hope & Change" week, February 12th-14th

Hope Dogs & Hope
Coffee Kickoff

4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
S'More-Hope Night
6 pm to 8 pm
Hope Dogs Happy Hour
Noon to 2 pm

Instructions for Giving:

Send Your Check Today

Send a check made out to New Life Center dated February 14, 2019 or write "Giving Hearts Day" on the memo line. Only checks received on or before February 14th can be matched.
Mail Checks to: P.O. Box 1067 Fargo, North Dakota 58107

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Donate Today at givingheartsday.org (search New Life Center).
Check the "Yes, schedule it" during checkout to schedule your gift on February 14th.