New Life Center Services

Emergency Shelter Service
Emergency shelter is available to men, 18 years of age or older. We start screening for beds at 7 AM. Please call 701-235-4453 for more information.
Meal Services
Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we have made some changes to our meal services.

For your protection and for those who we serve, we are limiting access to the building. If you are coming for a meal, they are still available. Please come in, ask at the window, and we will see that you get a meal to go.

Times are listed below:

Lunch: 12 - 12:30 PM (Every day)
Dinner: 5 - 5:30 PM (Every day)
Harbor Program
  • Emergency case management
  • Onsite health assessment
  • Christian exploration and mentoring opportunities
  • Education opportunities
  • Assistance with employment and housing applications
  • Assistance in acquiring personal identity documents
Passport Program
  • Individualized and ongoing case management services
  • Addiction and recovery service referrals
  • Christian exploration, study, and mentoring opportunities
  • Educational courses in areas of employment, housing,
    life skills, personal finance, communication and
  • Identify and build community networks and connections
Genesis Program

Genesis is our in-house relapse prevention program where participants learn to develop new coping tools, healthy relationships, personal accountability, spiritual growth, and community. Rather than trying to overcome a lifelong addiction in thirty to ninety days, about as long as insurance is willing to pay most recovery centers, our program gives participants at least a year in the program to help turn their life around.

We know that addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, eating, and co-dependent relationships are coping mechanisms that people develop to not deal with painful thoughts, memories, and feelings. Genesis helps individuals uncover what lead to their addiction, and find new coping skills for dealing with their past hurt.

Genesis focuses on 5 areas of development:

  • Education – classes on personal, spiritual, professional and financial development
  • Emotional – tools and exercises designed to help uncover deep-seated emotions and beliefs
  • Spiritual – involvement in biblical studies, daily devotions, and community church attendance
  • Social – working with sponsors, mentors, and leaders in the community
  • Physical – meeting with physicians, therapists, and medical professionals
    Medical Respite Program
    Following a medical procedure or illness, people who are homeless are often fragile and lack support systems that would allow them to heal properly.

    In 2015, New Life Center forged a partnership with Sanford Health to fill the gap of care for this vulnerable population.

    A staff registered nurse ensures that medical recovery needs are addressed onsite rather than through hospitalization. This process reduces healthcare costs by minimizing uninsured and unnecessary emergency room visits.