Back On My Feet

July 31, 2020
“New Life Center was like angels. Angels—because I didn’t know whereto go. Then, when I came to the Mission, they just gave me a bed. They gave me a place to sleep, to take a shower and everything. New Life Center is very life-changing.”

Eddie has always been a hard worker. He opened his own business, even, but the roof collapsed two months in. He moved on to school to acquire his CDL and become a truck driver, but a few months into training, he found his license was suspended. That’s when he decided to make another move.

Eddie walked through our doors searching for himself. After leaving his home state of Florida, he ventured to Fargo to try and find work. With no contacts, no answers and nowhere to stay, he caught wind of New Life Center.

Eddie is now getting back on his feet. He was approved for an apartment through the assistance program from NLC and is seeing change in all aspects of his life.

Way to keep it REAL Eddie!

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