Heads or Tails

July 31, 2020
Not long ago, I was in such physical and emotional pain, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to live or die. So, I flipped a coin. Heads, I would get treatment. Tails, I would drive my car at a suicidal speed into a bridge abutment.

Since you’re reading this now, you know which side came up. But for years, both before and after that fateful coin flip, I struggled with addiction, debilitating pain, and depression.

My troubles began in childhood with an alcoholic father who was verbally abusive. Once, when I was six years old, he told me, “You’re so (bleeping) stupid, I can’t see how you’re even my kid.” You can imagine how that stuck with me.

By junior high school, I was pretty rebellious. And by high school, I was doing drugs and alcohol and getting into minor scrapes with the law, including the first few DUIs.

When I was in my 30s, a few things happened to send me over the edge. My dad died, my mom got sick with Alzheimer’s, and I developed a degenerative disc disease. I had to take care of my mom 24/7, and my back was in so much pain, I became hooked on painkillers and opiates. Eventually, that led to heroin addiction.

About a year ago, I was evicted from my apartment. I bounded around a little bit till I ended here at New Life Center.

They’ve helped me in a lot of ways, especially with staying sober. I know that if I drink, I can lose my bed, but that’s not all. I’m motivated to stay sober now because I have some goals. I want to stay well, and I want to live on my own again.

I’m very thankful for New Life Center, and they’re helping to prepare me to move onto independent living again. Thank you for helping to make that possible!

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