Paying It Forward

July 31, 2020
John arrived at New Life Center several years ago. He needed help conquering his alcohol addiction and getting back on his feet. While he battled the “temptation of the bottle”, he learned of another sickness that that settled in his body–cancer.

John needed the support of New Life Center now more than ever. New Life Center’s staff connected him to addiction recovery services and to cancer treatment through our partnership with Sanford Health.

John’s journey was difficult, with many ups and downs. With staff support and many prayers, he overcame both his addiction and cancer. He also moved from the shelter into permanent housing and is now almost four years sober.

John will be the first to say it hasn’t been a bed of roses–some days were very difficult. What really made the difference for him was people who cared, an attitude of gratitude, and his decision to give back by becoming a New Life Center volunteer. “I’m giving back. I’m paying back all the people at the shelter who helped me."

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