Walking Toward My Dream

July 31, 2020
When I was growing up in Vermont, I dreamed about joining the Army, just like my father and brother had. But when I tried to join after high school, I developed a medical condition that prevented me from fulfilling that dream.

So, I started working locally. The problem was the area where I lived was really expensive. At one point, I was working three jobs, and I still couldn’t afford to pay rent and bills and have enough food to eat.

So last year I moved to Minnesota, where a friend said I could stay with him. But not long after I got there, he said I had to move out. It came out of nowhere. Suddenly I was dead broke, I had no job, and I was homeless.

When I asked around for a place to stay, I heard about New Life Center. Well, I packed my bag and walked almost the entire 55 miles to get here – and boy was it worth it. I’ve never been homeless before, but the staff here were so friendly, and they said I could stay as long as I need until I found a job.

In the meantime, I had a warm bed, three meals a day, new clothes, and a case manager to help me out when I needed it. Six weeks after I got here, I landed a full-time job working as a cook. The pay is good, they have really good benefits, I’m moving into my own apartment, and I’m even saving for a new truck.

Now that I’m settled and doing well – even my health condition has cleared up – I’m dreaming again of joining the Army one day.

Just a few months ago, I was in a pretty tough situation, but New Life Center was there when I needed some real help. I’m not the most religious guy in the world, but you showed me what Christians are all about, helping people down on their luck get back on their feet. Thank you!

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